Study Strongly Endorses Nebraska Probation Assessment Tool for Youth

A new juvenile probation research study validated Nebraska probation’s assessment tool. The assessment tool, named “Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory,” emphasizes the importance of tailoring treatment and supervision to meet the needs of individual youth on probation. Accurate use of this evidence-based assessment tool provides direction for behavior change, making youth less likely to return to the court system.

In a report published in October 2017, Dr. Richard Wiener and his team from the University of Nebraska Law Psychology Program “found strong evidence for the validity of the instrument as Nebraska Probation currently uses the tool with juveniles in the system.” The study also noted that the level of validity was comparable to similar studies nationwide. Researchers strongly endorsed the continued use of the evaluation tool for Nebraska probation youth.

Recognizing that assessing a youth’s risk for delinquent behavior is critical to creating a successful rehabilitative plan, Nebraska Probation began using the “Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory” in 2008 to assess the risk of youth placed on probation. As part of its commitment to evidence-based practices, Probation partnered with the University of Nebraska/Law Psychology Program to validate the predictive accuracy of the assessment.


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