Robert A. Bermingham, Jr. and Ivy D. Tillman

2021 NJJA Keynote Speakers

Bob Bermingham began his career in juvenile justice in 1986 as child care specialist in the Fairfax County Juvenile Detention Center. During the past 30 plus years Bob has served in many different capacities within the juvenile justice system in Fairfax County. He has worked in both community based residential programs and as a field probation officer. During his tenure Bob has held management positions with probation services, served as the County’s first Gang Prevention Coordinator and since 2009 has served as the Court Service Unit Director of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s largest Court Service Unit. Bob has lead the 300 person unit through significant transformation in practices to include the re-design of juvenile intake services, the implementation of assessment tools at major decision points within the system, enhanced diversion alternatives, deployment of evidence based interventions along with a focus on reducing racial and ethnic disparities and family engagement. Bob is dedicated to providing juvenile justice services that build on individual and family strengths to improve client outcomes while remaining focused on public safety and promoting equitable and effective justice. Bob has been married to his grade school sweetheart for 30 years and has four adult children.

Ivy D. Tillman is currently employed by the Fairfax County Juvenile Domestic Relations District Court as the Deputy Director of Residential Services. She has administrative oversight of the Juvenile Detention Center, Shelter Care, two residential treatment programs and a probation unit that serves as an alternative to incarceration. As Deputy Director, Ms. Tillman has helped to champion the efforts of Juvenile Justice Reform across the entire child service system to include the residential services within JDRDC, ensuring that staff are trained in the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model and other evidenced-based practices such as Anger Replacement Training (ART). She is also the chairman of the Court Service Unit’s Family Engagement Committee. As the Chairman, Ms. Tillman guided the committee in creation of “A Family Guide to Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. She, along with the committee, has trained the JDRDC staff in the principle and practices of family engagement.

Ms. Tillman has 27 years of varied work experiences. She has worked in and managed community based residential programs and worked as a field probation officer in the Juvenile Justice System. She has also worked as a Court Liaison and Family Intervention Resource and Engagement (F.I.R.E) social worker in the Child Welfare system and worked in the private sector as a home-based therapist.

Ms. Tillman earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from James Madison University and received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She obtained her clinical license in 2012. Ivy is very passionate about providing equitable services to adolescents and families in crisis.