2020 NJJA Scholarship Award

C’yera Sherrod


College: University of Nebraska

Major: Child, Youth and Family Studies,

Minors: Criminology & Criminal Justice, African American Studies, Sociology

Volunteer & Community Service Interests:

  • Salvation Army

  • Black Leadership Symposiums

  • Youth Emergency Services Outreach Center

2020 NJJA Commitment to Excellence in Leadership Award

Dominique Morgan

Affiliation: Black & Pink

Dominique Morgan is a radical and transformational leader that is needed in our community more than ever. Their personal mission is to support individuals, both adults and youth through their experiences of incarceration, in order to allow them to access their full potential and reduce the harm of the prison industrial complex.

They became the executive director of Black and Pink almost three years ago and since then has grown the organization from one staff to eight as well as added three programs and grew the budget by 200%.

The programs that were added to the organization includes a youth leadership initiative for youth that are system impacted as well as the first in the nation community-based housing program for trans folks that are re-entering into the community.

Dominique has taken an innovative approach to addressing the harm of mass incarceration through a restorative justice lens that centers the people most affected by this system, including people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks and/or people living with HIV/AIDS. As a formerly incarcerated person that experienced extreme harm during their sentence, they fight daily to ensure no one else has the same experience they had. It takes an extreme level of resilience and heart to go back into a space that tried to destroy them.

2020 Spirit of Youth Award

Bobbi Taylor

Affiliation: Youth Leadership Project Everlast

Participation in initiatives centered around Nebraska communities and system-involved youth. Examples of projects and involvement include:

  • Court Improvement Project: What Now? Guide
  • Bring Up Nebraska Initiative
  • Connect Youth Initiative
  • Pregnant and Parenting supports and services