Therapeutic Restitution for Youth with Illegal Sexual Behavior

March 23, 2017-11:00 to 12:00 PM CST

The idea of restorative justice and restitution has long been a part of juvenile probation protocols. When working with young people who have sexually harmed, we can make this process therapeutic as well. In counseling terms, restitution is renamed reparation, the root word being “repair”. Especially in the cases of sibling sexual abuse, the children and teens involved in the sexual abuse are often reunited. If possible, the youth who caused the harm can complete a “reparation project” for the other child(ren) which can bring healing to everyone involved. The reparation project gives the youth something to be proud of and may heal uncovered shame. The youth cannot be proud of the illegal behavior, but they can be proud of their efforts to repair their mistake. The necessary criteria for a “reparation project” and examples will be discussed.


Sheryl OverbySince 1988, Ms. Overby has helped families impacted by sexual abuse, including abused children, children with problematic sexual behaviors, caregivers and adults. She spent 15 years as an RSafe® therapist at Lutheran Family Services (LFS) and now leads the RSafe® Training and Consultation Program. She provides individual and family therapy in private practice at Woodhaven Counseling. Ms. Overby’s website,, and professional Facebook page, Sheryl Overby Counseling, have many articles and resources available.

*This webinar has been approved for 1 hour of CLE credit for attorneys.