LB 464 debate to begin soon, possibly tomorrow (March 18)

With the Legislative session moving toward its final weeks, legislators are getting ready to debate some of the most important issues for Nebraska’s children and youth.As early as today (March 18), senators may begin debate on the next step in Nebraska’s juvenile justice reform effort, LB 464 and its amendments.
Your voice is needed to make sure that our juvenile justice system holds youth accountable for their actions in a way that puts them on the path to a successful future.
LB 464, AM 2163 and AM 2164 strengthen Nebraska’s juvenile justice system in a number of ways:
  1. It makes sure our state is treating kids like kids instead of adults when they break the law, by ensuring most youth have access to services available in juvenile justice system instead of immediately facing prosecution as adult;
  2. It provides clarity and additional funding to enhance legislation from last year that keeps youth in the juvenile justice system close to home and out of detention and incarceration; and
  3. It puts an emphasis on schools, families, and childrenaddressing absenteeism and truancy before any referral for court involvement is made.
Please take a moment to contact your Senator today and ask them to support LB 464, AM 2163 & AM 2164.