-Congratulations Cynthia Kennedy-
On Receiving the Excellence in Leadership Award for 2017

Cynthia Kennedy is one of the teammates for the State of Nebraska who received the Excellence in Leadership Award for2017! Since 1985, the State of Nebraska has sponsored a statewide recognition program which has been coordinated by the Administrative Services State Personnel Division on behalf of the Governor’s Office. The goal of this program is to show appreciation to state teammates for their loyalty and professional excellence. The program focuses both on exceptional performance and career tenure. The Excellence in Leadership program recognizes teammates whose job performance has exceeded the highest standards and contributed to the overall effectiveness of the agency. These teammates were honored in the State Capitol Rotunda on November 1, 2017.

Cynthia Kennedy serves as Director of the Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program at the Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. In this role, she administers a $7 million grant program that primarily focuses on services and programs to divert youth from the juvenile justice system. She facilitated a team to assist with the creation of administrative code to delineate state statute. As a result, Title 75, Chapter 1, was adopted and promulgated by the Nebraska Secretary of State. Cynthia received her certification in Instructor Development and completed the Leadership Certificate Program. She presented on juvenile reform at numerous state conferences and the national pre-trial criminal justice conference in Arizona. Cynthia is currently attaining her Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in public management and policy. Her mission for obtaining this degree is to strengthen public service by leading effectively, ethically, and equitably. Cynthia was a TeamMates mentor for nearly four years and was so proud to watch her mentee graduate high school. Cynthia and her husband, David, enjoy traveling the world and embracing different cultures.