2016 NJJA Conference Keynote Speaker | Francoise Mathieu

NJJA had a chance to ask Wednesday’s conference keynote speaker, Francoise Mathieu, a few questions after her informative presentation “Keynote: Beyond Kale and Pedicures: What works to manage compassion fatigue and secondary trauma?”. Click here to go to our Youtube page channel.  

Productivity in A Stable Workforce

  There have been many media articles and individual conversations as of late, regarding the status and future of the programs for youth in the Juvenile Justice System in Nebraska. It is evident to me that if any change needs to occur, those involved in such a process adopt a ‘planned response’ change-management system. How […]

National Gang Center Publishes “Parent’s Guide to Gangs” Update

In a blog post this week, the OJJDP announced the release of a useful tool for parents and juvenile justice professionals. On their website, OJJDP said, “The National Gang Center recently published an updated version of the ‘Parents’ Guide to Gangs. The guide provides parents with answers to common questions about gangs to enable them to […]