2015 Legislative Bills

Each legislative session, several bills are introduced, testified, and voted on that relate to Juvenile Justice in Nebraska. Below is a summary of the bills from the 2015 legislative session.  A master list of bills introduced this session can be found here.

LB 15 – Guardians ad Litem

-The Nebraska Supreme Court must provide standards for and duties of Guardians ad Litem, including compensation of services.

-Bill goes into effect April 30, 2015

-Introduced by Senator Krist

LB 265 – Guardians ad Litem and FCRO

-Allows misdemeanor crimes committed by juveniles to be filed in county court until 2017.

-Notice of juvenile cases may be received and reviewed by Foster Care Review Office.

-Pertaining to the decision to transfer a case to juvenile court, judges may access sealed records.

-Effective August 30, 2015.

-Introduced by Senator Campbell

LB 482 – Change Provisions Relating to Juveniles

-Juvenile detention facilities must comply with 83-4125, ingress and egress restricted through staff -supervision only.

-Detention will be used as a last resort, after all community resources have been exhausted and the juvenile is a risk to himself or others in the home.

-Unless juvenile posts a risk of harm, flight or disruption to proceedings restraints will not be used in the courtroom.

-Fingerprints will not be taken of juveniles.

-County attorney must make efforts to find community resources before filing a petition in juvenile court. Failure to note efforts in the petition may constitute a defense.

-Effective August 30, 2015.

-Introduced by Senator Krist