2014 Community-Based Juvenile Services Aid Program

The Nebraska Crime Commission is pleased to announce the availability of 2014 Community-Based Juvenile Services Aid [CB] and 2014 Community-Based Juvenile Services Aid Enhancement [EB]. The Request for Proposal [RFP] outlines general guidelines, eligibility, funding requirements, and application instructions for both grant programs, CB and EB.


Please read the Request for Proposal thoroughly as several changes have been made in lieu of LB561 funding requirements. Due to the substantial increase in funding, the match requirement is now 10% of the total project proposal. Allotment and match calculations are located on pages 17 – 19 of the RFP. The attachments are also located at the following website: https://www.ncc.ne.gov/grant_information/application.htm

Lastly, you will be notified with information regarding a live webinar on fulfilling the requirements of this application process.

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