2013 Job Shadowing Program

For the past several years, the Nebraska State Bar Association’s Minority Justice Committee has been partnering with Omaha Public Schools to offer high school students its Job Shadowing Program. This program was developed as a way to expose diverse students to opportunities in the legal profession. The Job Shadowing Program can take two forms. In some instances, an attorney is sent to the classroom to talk about careers in the law and the steps one needs to take to prepare for law school. In other instances, students visit a law firm and/or the courthouse. Students receive the same presentation about preparing for a career in the law, but also get to tour a law firm or the courthouse, watch a hearing, meet the lawyers in the firm or the presiding judge, etc.

Events are now being scheduled with the Omaha Public Schools and this year the initiative will be extended to the Lincoln Public Schools. Volunteers are needed to either host a group of high school students or to make a presentation at a partnering school in April of 2013. For a sense of what this program is all about, click here for an article about the 2012 Job Shadowing Program.

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