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June 2, 2020

Statement from NJJA

The Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association is dedicated to equal treatment under the law for all people of all colors, ethnic backgrounds, and genders.  Recently our nation has been in pain feeling the tragic deaths most recently of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.  We respect the freedom for citizens to voice their grief and anguish in a manner that creates dialogue and supports positive changes within the lives of all Americans.  However, we do not condone those who chose to exhibit this by initiating or fanning the flames of destruction and harm.  While peaceful yet forceful dialogue is a vehicle to promote change, acts of violence, destruction, and harm will only drive a deeper wedge and make positive change much more difficult to achieve.

For far too long our judicial systems have seen the disproportional involvement of people of color.  NJJA has worked and will continue to work to see this one day no longer be in evidence, hopefully, sooner than later,.  The social fabric of our country is made up of the tapestry of many colors and many ethnic groups who all long for that American Dream.  We can see each other by the color of our skins, by the sexual identity one professes, and many other characteristics that define each of us.  We can do this with respect, dignity, and caring.  We will have differences of opinions, different political views, and even different religions, yet we all bleed the same.  We are able to not only see and respect our differences, we should celebrate those differences for what they are.  For any of us not willing to try and make this a reality for all people, is an injustice to others and to ourselves.